Car Removal Cash for Cars Christchurch Wrecker


We understand you loved that old car or truck sitting in your driveway!  But is it time to finally move on and get some cash for it?

We consistently pay the highest amount for scrap vehicles in Christchurch, Canterbury.

  • We offer the highest price in the market
  • We offer cash for your cars, vans, trucks, Utes, 4wds
  • No vehicle is too big for us and that includes trucks
  • We buy any and all car brands
  • We give cash to the car removal on the spot
  • AMAZING Car Removal Cash for Cars Christchurch Wrecker

At South wreckers we offer no hassle pickup of your old junk or used car or truck. We have been buying and selling all kinds of cars and trucks for over 20 years!  We operate a full auto wrecking yards in Christchurch, so you can rest assured if you call we can get our tow truck drivers to you in no time at all.

Car Removal Cash for Cars Christchurch Wrecker

We Pay Highest Car Removal Cash for Cars Christchurch Wrecker

You can get up to $12,000 or more cash for any cars in Sydney.

  • We Buy Unwanted Vehicle
  • SUV, 4WD, Truck, Van, Car, Jeep
  • Free Vehicle Evaluation
  • Highest Cash Payment On The Spot
  • Free Car Removal

We pay cash for your old cars and unwanted trucks!  Buying used and scrap vehicles for over 20 years in Christchurch and the rest of south island.  We make getting rid of that eye sore in your driveway a breeze! Give us a call and we will come and tow away that old car or truck and give you cash on the spot.  We have a fleet of tow trucks waiting for your call and can be there the same day to tow it away!

We buy every make, model and brand

When you contact South Wreckers to sell your unwanted car to get instant cash, you don’t have to worry about anything but the cash that you will be receiving. That brings us to the most-asked question – which brands and makes we accept. EVERYTHING. You own a truck or a car; it’s built by Toyota or Volkswagen, we accept every make or model. Some of the brands that we deal with regularly include:

When we say you don’t have to worry about anything, we really mean it! At South wreckers, we neither charge a towing fee nor do we ask you to handle the paperwork. Everything is taken care of by the experienced team of car removal.

How To Get Car Removal Quote?

It is way easier than you think!

To begin with, hassle-free car removal Christchurch service, call us and talk to any of our representatives and get an estimate for your car.

Or, if you want to get the quickest and instant quote for your vehicle, fill out the online “Get

Free Quote” form to get an instant quote in no time.

For getting a free quote of your vehicle, you need to enter information such as:

  • Your full name
  •  Phone Number
  •  Email Address
  •  Location
  • Description of your vehicle (its make, model, age, mileage, and condition)

Request a free quote now as we are the best Car Removal Cash for Cars Christchurch Wrecker! Right after you agreed to the quote, we will set a schedule to assess your vehicle and offer you top cash for cars.

We offer free car removal and take care of all the paperwork. There is no need to pay repair bills of your unwanted car when you can make cash up to $12,000.