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Scrap Cars – Runners – Non Runners & Accident Damaged. We pay the best prices for Unwanted  Vehicles in PICTON

Have you been thinking of scrapping your car? Maybe it’s just old or failed its WOF and is giving you a problem?

We have compiled a national network of scrap car collectors and specialist car buyers, now enabling you to search a comprehensive list of companies willing to pay for your scrap vehicle. By talking to our Scrap Cars Picton team, you are guaranteed to raise a competitive price for your old vehicle.

Whether you are looking for the scrap value of cars or are ready to dispose of your vehicle, we can help you out. The vehicle disposal business can be a potential minefield for customers looking at scrapping their car, that’s why we have set up this website, to give you a little friendly advice along the way in finding the best scrap car prices.

Our aim is to make organizing your end of life vehicle disposal quick and easy for you. We will search a comprehensive list of trusted car wreckers to ensure the highest price is paid for your end of life or repairable vehicle. We will not only ensure the best scrap car prices south island can offer, but also that the company that you deal with is reputable, customer service based and only use the most environmentally friendly methods of car recycling.

Scrap Cars Picton: Cash for Cars, 4x4s, Trucks

We work to suit you. You can choose the time and location for the collection of your scrap vehicle and what’s more, we’ll never charge! There are other companies working in the area that will always try and overcharge you for the collection of your car, and the price will be deducted from the final cash sum in your hand, but we’ll never try and do that.

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Get the best price for your unwanted car today!

Instant cash payment and all NZTA paperwork looked after.

We pride ourselves on our fast efficient and friendly service and will provide you with the best possible assistance in dealing with your car sale.

South wreckers pay cash for any car, unlike other companies who expect to be given your car for free, or they’ll pay for your car but charge more for collection. We offer FREE collection for any vehicle.

We aim to make scrapping your car hassle free. We are fully registered with the local authorities and the environment agency to carry out car recycling and all waste materials are disposed of responsibly.

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