Selling Junk Vehicle to Auto Salvage in Canterbury

Are you looking to sell a car for cash in Canterbury?

Selling Junk Vehicle to Auto Salvage in Canterbury

How much is your car worth?

The million dollar question

During the 20+ years that we’ve been buying cars from Canterbury businesses and individuals like you; we have been asked, “how much is my car worth?” more times than we can even count. While determining the exact cash amount we can pay for your car is extremely difficult without seeing it; in the world of cash for cars, most vehicles fall into 1 of 4 categories:

  1. Scrap value vehicles
  2. used car value
  3. damaged vehicle
  4. commercial & truck vehicles

We buy nicer and newer junk cars

The first category is nicer and newer junk cars. Most cars that fall into the newer or nicer junk car category have issues of some kind. Whether it be a blown motor, body damage, or a bad transmission; if it is a newer car, or it has low miles it maybe worth fixing. Even If it’s not worth fixing it may still have valuable auto parts that make it worth more than just a scrap metal car.

If you are selling a car that meets at least 1 and especially two of the following criteria, there is a good chance it is worth more than just the scrap metal price; even if it has major problems.

Here are some examples of nicer or newer junk cars that we have purchased recently.

Not all cars that are 15+ years old, fall into the strictly junk car category. If you are the original owner, or your car runs well, and especially if it has under 150k kilometers your car maybe a diamond in the rough, and be worth a little bit more, even if it’s a 1999 or older.

cash for junk cars wreckers

We will help you sell your nice car

For those of you who are thinking my car isn’t junk at all. Don’t worry we can help you too. The 3rd cash for car category is called the nice car category. If you are selling a nice car with little to no problems the way we can help is by offering used car guys service.

We remove junk cars

The final cash for junk car category is junk cars Junk cars are the least valuable of the 4 categories. The worth of junk cars is primarily determined by the current per ton price of metal. Metal prices are the lowest they’ve been in over 10 years. Junk cars just aren’t worth much anymore. in most cases the most money we can offer for strictly junk cars is $500 or less, and in some cases if your car is old enough or missing enough parts; we couldn’t even haul it away if you gave it to us for free because it would cost us more to transport it than the car is even worth.

Selling Junk Vehicle to Auto Salvage in Canterbury

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