Selling Car to Wreckers in South Island 2024 Guide

Selling Car to Wreckers in South Island 2024 Guide

Have you been wondering what your used car is worth in New Zealand’s south island? We have have prepared a Selling Car to Wreckers in South Island 2024 Guide! We have provided all the details you need to assist you sell your scrap car. According to the data collected from the New Zealand scrap car market, south islanders can expect to get somewhere between $400 – $1500 for smaller vehicles. $600 – $2000 for van type of vehicle and around $800- $7,000 for4wd and Ute vehicles. Scrap value of car is mainly based on the usable metal present on the car’s body. All scrap car buyers pay depending on the weight of the metal and take into account some usable car parts that can be sold. But because there are few usable parts in junk cars, they are not taken into account by most used car buyers in south island

How to Estimate Your Car’s Scrap Value?

You are bound to receive different quotes from different car wreckers, but they all use this same basic formula to determine the car’s value no matter what they offer. And pay you the lowest price.  Customers are paid the lowest price because most of the parts in the cars are bound to be disposed. Items such as windscreen, seats, and wheel components are waste and not to be counted in the price of the vehicle.

The simple formula to calculate a car’s scrap value:  Car weight in tons × Scrap metal price per ton (this fluctuate depends on scrap supply & demand)

How to Get Top Scrap Car Prices in South Island?

So how exactly can you get top cash for cars in Christchurch? We will be detailing this below. Selling a car for scrap is not something people do every day, and unlike newer cars, there are no set prices for each make and model. That’s why it’s quite challenging to know precisely what the car is worth. That’s why we created a list below to help you avoid scammers and people who offer too low prices for your vehicle and receive the best offer for your unwanted vehicle.

Keep Updated with Scrap Prices

If you want to sell scrap car, it’s important to know when the scrap metal market is doing well and when it’s not. The amount you will receive for your vehicle is directly linked to the metal prices so making a spreadsheet for over a few months can help you sell it at the right time.  Another thing you can do is:

  • Search the  New Zealand Metals Market

You can find a lot of information regarding scrap metal prices New Zealand online. There are various websites dedicated to this and can help you make an informed decision. 

  • Contact a Car Wrecker

Junk car buyers can be a great source of information. Along with that, some of them can also provide accurate assessments for your vehicle.

Don’t Postpone – Your Car Value Will Drop in Value

The longer you wait to sell your vehicle, the more its value will depreciate. Soon the parts of the car that work may stop working, or due to weather conditions, the perfect body of the car may rust. Therefore to avoid all these and get the highest cash for scrap cars in South Island, sell them fast!

Make Sure You Ask More if Your Car is Drivable

If your unwanted vehicle is in running condition, you can surely get more money for it. WOF vehicles can be auctioned off, sold for parts, and used for scrap metal. Therefore these vehicles will get you more cash compared with non-WOF vehicles. 

Know Your Car  Salvageable Parts

Most auto scrappers pay you for the metal on your vehicle. This amount can be unsatisfactory. But if your car has salvageable components, you can ask for a better price. auto dismantlers do buy vehicles with parts that can be resalable such as good tires, working mechanical components, body panels, etc. 

Don’t Accept a Conditional Offers

Some scrap yards offer much better prices to attract customers but make lowball offers after inspecting the car. Therefore, make sure you choose a reliable wrecker with a high customer satisfaction rating on Google and always give an accurate description of your vehicle. This way, you would avoid these unethical businesses and sell your car for the highest cash in South Island. 

How Scrap Metal Prices Affect The Scrap Value Of Car?

Many factors affect the scrap metal prices, which in turn affects car value:

  • Industrial demand

The development of construction, technology, and automotive industries affects the demand for these scrap metals. Therefore the higher the demand, the better prices will be for scrap metal.

  • Current market prices

When the market is going through a boom, and there is a great demand for scrap metal, this will lead to better metal prices and improve the value of your scrap car. 

  • Time of the year

Time and seasons also have a significant impact on scrap metal prices. So before selling your car, figure out exactly which season will benefit you the most. 

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Selling Car to Wreckers in South Island 2024 Guide

  • Q: How much to expect for my scrap car from wreckers
    Answer: This is subjective and the amount will solely depend on the present condition of your vehicle along with its. Model, brand, market demand, and mileage.
  • Q: I am still paying instalments for my car, in that case, will you purchase the used car?
    Answer: At the present moment, we do not accept any used vehicle that is still being paid through any means. For those vehicles, you cannot receive any instant cash until the loan is cleared completely.
  • Q: Do you really accept cars in any condition?
    Answer: That’s completely true! We at, South Wreckers, accept vehicles in any condition whether it’s moving or not, parts are available or missing, damaged or wrecked or accident, even if it is just a junk body of metal, we will accept your vehicle and you can still earn some cash for your car. Get a vehicle with any condition for cash also all makes and models we buy. Click to learn about car removal.
  • Do I need to get my vehicle to you?
    Answer: No! We have arranged a very smooth and swift process of removal for the car owners. You don’t have to fetch your damaged car from us since this is a hectic process. We offer free towing of your car with our vans. Once the offer is accepted, our team will reach your address to pick the car up.
  • Q: How long does it take to sell the car, complete the paperwork and receive the cash?
    Answer: Here at South Wreckers, we try to accomplish the entire process as quickly as possible. Most of the time, we try to complete the paperwork within the same day and clear the cash. We have our service available all across South Island, you can easily reach us from anywhere in the Te Waipounamu: