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Used Tyres ChCh

Welcome to Christchurch car wreckers, home to thousands of used tyres for many different makes and models of cars and trucks. Buying used and part worn tyres is a great way to save money, rather than paying full price for brand new tyres. Often used tyres still have plenty of legal tread left and can last for months, even years at a fraction of the price of brand new tyres.

Why Buy Quality Used Tyres ChCh?

Buying used tyres is a great way to save money over the price of brand new tyres. When one of your tyres is damaged, or you fail an WOF, sometimes the cheapest alternative is to purchase partly worn tyres to keep you on the road. For some, replacing performance cars top of the range tyres can be very costly. Used tyres allow you to purchase the same great quality tyres, with often minimal wear at a fraction of the price. No matter what type of vehicle you have, used tyres can really drive down the price of your replacements and keep you on the road at times when buying brand new may not be cost effective!
















South Wreckers specialize in used, re-threaded tyres.Used Tyres ChCh is your tyre solution not only offers cheap, affordable second hand tyres for your car or 4×4 or truck, but also offer you the best second hand, threaded tyre quality promise – 60 to 100 percent thread! Used Tyres ChCh your quality used tyre solution is situated in Christchurch and can deliver to your doorstep at additional cost.

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Our Services

  • All types of near new, used and cheap part worn tyres, ranging from budget brands to well-known ones such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli and Goodyear among numerous others.
  • Wide variety of car tyres, 4×4 tyres, caravan tyres, snow tyres, trailer tyres and SUV tyres available at cheap prices, starting from as low as $25.
  • Fitting services for all kinds of part worn tyres and near new tyres.
  • Excellent customer support provided by highly-qualified and trained staff
  • Friendly & efficient service, available 6 days a week, 365 days a year, from 8am to 6pm
  • Advance booking through telephone or e-mail

All tyres sold have between – 60% – 100% thread left on them

Second Hand Tyres Christchurch – 0800735569

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Our teams have been around for many years and we put all of our energy and time into serving our clients and customers with the necessary respect and attention. Our team workers have been sent for training to make sure that we do the fitment of your bridgestone run flat tyres Audi Christchurch the correct way, our team workers do the fitment and alignment of your bridgestone Camry run flat tyres Christchurch.

We are here to ensure that when you travel on our roads that your safety comes first, all of the goodyear run flat tyres Christchurch that we sell to our clients and customer no matter if the bridgestone run flat tires bmw Christchurch is near new or second hand tires. Used Tyres ChCh make sure that the threads on the 4×4 tyres Christchurch are more than 50% so that our clients and customers can still drive many miles with those 4×4 tyres for sale Christchurch.

We know that most of our clients don’t budget during the month for a tyre prices Christchurch to give in, or get damaged because of potholes or because the thread on the tyres for sale has ran out. That is why we sell second hand dunlop run flat tyres Christchurch to our customers at the cheapest possible way. We provide our clients and customers with the necessary information that they will need to take care of their pirelli run flat tyres Christchurch, to make sure that our clients and customers are safe on the road with their families.

Tyre Replaced WOF Done

We also have second hand continental run flat tyres for heavy duty vehicles to a fraction of the price, of a new tire. Replacing tires on your vehicle can be really expensive that is why we are here to assist our clients and customer with the best second hand tires in the cheapest way. Our team workers will assist our clients and customer from the minute you walk through our doors at our branches in New Zealand to the minute you get in your car and leave, we will make sure that you get the best service and that you are happy and satisfied with our cheap run flat tyres for all sort of vehicles.

Used Tyres ChCh supply QUALITY Wheels and Tyres and with over 10 years in the industry, we’ll give you expert advice. Our aim is to turn our customers into happy clients that only want to use us for all their tyre requirements.

We Specialise in  Barely used tyres & wheels and offer extra services like battery replacements, puncture repairs, tyre fitting and inspection. We pride ourselves in helping customers wherever possible and giving them HONEST ADVICE, rather than being sales orientated like the more well-known tyre centres out there.

Our used tyres are only available from 16″-24″. All our tyres also come with a replacement guarantee against any sidewall damage found at fitment.

Have a look at our sizes via the ‘Used Tyres’ tab above and see the various sizes currently on offer. If you do not spot the size you need, please contact us for more info. If we don’t have it, we could find it for you, so don’t delay, contact us today.


We supply any tyre needs, from Cars to SUV’s, 4×4’s including A/T and M/T and even Specialty Off-road tyres and Commercial tyres.

We also supply magwheels for 4×4’s and Luxury Vehicles, namely the MICKEY THOMPSON RANGE  and the DICK CEPEK RANGE  for the 4×4 enthusiast, to rims for BMW’s, Merc’s and Audi’s.

Give us a try!!!

Terrific Tyres

Keep your car safe and in good condition with us. Tyres are one of the most important features of any vehicle, that’s why we are here to offer a range of services to keep them in great shape.

Don’t go round and round looking for different suppliers for all your tyre needs – just come to us. Used Tyres ChCh are a one-stop-shop that have all the skills necessary to keep your wheels spinning.

How to check your tyre pressure and tread wear?

205/55R16 225/45R17 195/65R15 225/40R18 185/65R15
205/50R17 175/65R14 195/60R15 235/45R17 195/55R16
185/55R15 215/55R16 215/50R17 185/60R15 235/40R18
225/50R17 195/50R15 245/40R18 205/45R17 215/65R16
215/45R17 155/65R14 195/45R16 185/60R14 165/70R14
195/55R15 205/50R16 175/65R15 205/60R15 205/60R16
255/35R19 225/45R18 185/65R14 225/55R17 195/70R15
165/70R13 175/70R14 165/65R13 205/45R16 155/70R13
215/60R17 165/65R14 205/40R17 215/60R16 235/65R17
235/60R18 165/60R14 245/40R17 215/55R17 225/65R17

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